Monday, August 27, 2012

Jack's Walk- from Mom's POV

It's day 2, and I have already learned some REALLY valuable lessons/information.

  •  5 gallons of water is almost enough to bathe every person in our home.  No, is.
  •  5 gallons of water is nowhere near enough to wash a single batch of dinner bowls, cups and utensils. How is that???!?!!
  •  Paper plates and bowls are now a valuable part of my cupboard. :)
  •  Pouring a 5 gal jug of water is difficult. Pouring an OPEN 5 gal jug without spilling half a gallon on the       kitchen floor is impossible.
  • Slate is an excellent, non-slippery-when-wet kitchen floor choice.
  • Drinking water containers with spigots kept in the refrigerator will inevitably not be pushed back far enough before closing the door, resulting in the entire contents spilling into all 3 veggie bins below it.  Awesome waste of over a gallon of cold water. (did I mention Joe turned off the in-the-door ice maker/water? double awesome.)
  • The one mile walk in 90 degree heat with 5 kids and 40 gals of water- yeah, that's the easy part.
We are so humbled by the incredible support and desire of many of you to walk with us.  We welcome all who want to join us, and are really excited to share how some other friends are joining in with Jack to creatively raise funds!   Our pastor shared a statement yesterday that was so encouraging and perfect for this endeavor.  He said, "You can never be too small for God to use, you can only be too big."  I love it!


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